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Buffalo Criminal Lawyer, Drew Fritsch, has 20 years experience assisting people facing serious criminal charges.  If you are facing serious charges, you are likely to be feeling stressed.  Put Attorney Fritsch’s criminal defense experience to work for you right away.  We offer a free one-on-one consultation

The Law Office of Drew Fritsch is a criminal lawyer in Buffalo, NY who represents and defends clients facing serious traffic violation charges, DWI charges, drug charges, domestic violence charges, assault charges, weapons charges, sex crime charges, theft charges, shoplifting charges, violent crimes charges, violation of probation charges and white collar crime charges.

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So you were arrested for DWI and are as good as convicted, right? Not so. There are many ways to undermine the evidence that “proves” you operated a motor vehicle while intoxicated.  LEARN MORE


Drug charges are extremely serious in nature. Possession of a controlled substance like cocaine or heroin is treated much differently than possession of marijuana. If you’re hit with a drug charge, it’s important that you contact a criminal lawyer in Buffalo NY who has the trial experience to defend you in a drug crime.  LEARN MORE


Every assault charge case is different even though they all have some similarities. Developing the right legal defenses for an assault charge is an important task. Choosing a criminal lawyer with a history of success defending people in this type of case is the most important.  LEARN MORE


Weapons and firearms in New York fall under an area of law known as strict liability.  Even if you have no prior criminal record, being charged and convicted of possession of a firearm or other weapon offense can cause you to face time in prison.  LEARN MORE


The State of New York considers theft under $1,000 a petit larceny.  If you are found guilty of a retail theft charge, you could be facing a serious affect on the rest of your life.   LEARN MORE


Some traffic violations may be minor, but can result in unintended consequences later on. Other violations are more serious and can result in severe penalties such as losing your driving privileges, or even jail.  LEARN MORE


Exceeding the speed limit is a fact of life as a driver. If you’re unfortunate enough to actually get caught and charged with speeding, your ticket could cost up to $600, plus several points added to your driving record and a potential increase in insurance premiums.  LEARN MORE


Domestic violence is defined by the state of New York as a crime that occurs between two or more members of the same family or who share a household. Buffalo courts take domestic violence accusations very seriously.  Even if you are innocent and falsely accused, you could spend time in jail or even prison. LEARN MORE


A white collar crime is a criminal occurrence with a financial motivation. White collar crimes, like insurance fraud are nonviolent offenses and can be charged against numerous professionals.  LEARN MORE


Probation is one possible sentence upon conviction of a crime, or violation of certain Family Court determinations. Probation is generally served while free in the community.  But if the terms of your probation are violated, you may end up serving the remaining amount of time on your original sentence.  LEARN MORE

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