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If you’re caught using a fake ID, it can result in serious consequences. Whether you are an underage student trying to get into a bar to purchase an alcoholic drink, or using it to give a false impression of your place or residence, it is highly illegal. If you’re caught using a fake ID, you will be charged with possessing a fictitious ID and should consult with an experienced Buffalo fake ID lawyer immediately.  At the Law Office of Drew Fritsch, we offer free consultations and would be happy to discuss the details of your case and provide guidance on how to protect your rights.

  • Each year, many individuals are often arrested for possessing or using fake IDs in order to obtain drinks.
  • Possession of a fake ID may be either a violation or a misdemeanor.
  • Penalties for possessing and utilizing fake IDs may include having one’s driving privilege suspended.

Were you or a loved one charged with using a fake ID? Although it may seem harmless, these charges can result in serious penalties if convicted. Don’t plead guilty until you know all of your options.

Contact experienced Buffalo Criminal Defense Lawyer Drew Fritsch to defend your rights and protect your future. We offer free consultations and have achieved positive outcomes for countless clients.


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